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Vision is to grow as a local company with foreign technologies and expertise, local content and labour that develops high-end quality products which contributes to Malaysia’s economic progress. With this in mind, JR Engineering and Medical Technologies have identified its manufacturing plant in Jitra, Kedah, as their centre of manufacturing and packaging for local and export purposes. The advantage of the plant includes:

  • iEconomic – expenses are reduced via cheap rental and saving manpower
  • iiReadymade Plant – saves time and establishment cost.
  • iiiHigh Quality – thorough quality control and a well arranged working environment

  • ivSimple Management – good working relationship with staff
  • vLess Outsourcing – Directors are personally involved, thus there is a decrease in outsourcing expertise

Initial introduction of the company’s rubber based products were primarily for domestic and specific export markets. Thereafter the company has enhanced its products for regional and global markets.
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